i love ron artest. that’s all.

Metta-thon Man

metta-thon man.

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oh music.

im trying to lasso a piano. started working on filling some holes in an independent video game’s soundtrack. not sure how i feel about trackers, as such. but we’ll see. been playing millenial fair (of chrono trigger) on guitar essentially on repeat any time my axe is in my grasp. can you call an acoustic guitar an axe? not terribly important. 


in the meantime, i dont think i ever pointed in the direction of peaceful days. its a bit dated now, but i think it’s really..well, calming. 

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because i love you (love & peace)

i cant help but play video game music. more or less, constantly. its better than most other music. so here we are. instead of writing a new piece for the soundtrack today, i went ahead and just recorded a guitar version of one of the most wonderful tracks from mother 2 (earthbound).

go ahead, enjoy. you’re allowed.

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he hasn’t gone anywhere

my little ghost is always here. waiting his turn after technical issues shut down production.

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tres más

since yesterday’s post, i’ve done three more tracks. oh, if only there was a solid application for music of this sort today. keep trying though.


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it’s a rough road ahead.

there’s a million things i want to do. music i want to record (need dastardly amounts of money to make it happen), a stop motion film i’m getting back to finally, books to write, “poems”, drawings and anything else, really.

between my physical limitations and mental boobytraps, i have to do this very carefully.

the rebuilding starts with a foundation. to me, more normal than not, that foundation comes from my childhood, which is heavily laced with fantasy games and adventure stories. particularly the music of that time. so im going back to recording demos for a video game that doesnt exist, but probably should. it has been over two years since i did the first recordings. let’s see how this goes. keep in mind, they are very very demo-y.


(track 13 is today’s piece)

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setting fire to everything

some days (most days) i want to burn my entire life down. not necessarily to start over. just to watch it burn, and then leave it there. 

now, that is out of the way. 

with any luck i’ll start writing again soon. should i start with poems or a short story? 

im picking at an old screenplay idea to work on, also. 

i finished watching the x-files this morning. having not watched it since each episode was new, it was a treat. though it took a rather unhealthy amount of dedication to get through all 9 series and 2 films in a short period of time. i enjoyed it, but am glad to be through. there came a point where it was about completion and less about the enjoyment of the series. mostly when mulder exited. though, to be fair, robert patrick was almost *too* good for that show. or for any show. he’s phenomenal. 

effy’s making a fuss with her nylabone, and im watching the woman in black, wondering what the NBA trade deadline will hold for my lakers tomorrow afternoon. hopefully nothing drastic.

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